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Class Descriptions

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Beginner Yoga  – 60 minutes
Learn safe alignment specific to your needs along with new ways to open the body through breathing techniques and movement.  This class will teach you the foundation of basic yoga poses and philosophy so that you will be ready to progress into the next journey of your practice.

Gentle Flow – 75 minutes
Gentle flow offers a slower pace of yoga postures and sun salutations, integrating breathing techniques, short meditation, and basic yoga philosophy to connect to the light within.  All levels welcome.

Hatha Flow – 75 minutes
Hatha flow offers a personal pace of yoga postures and sun salutations set to the rthym of your breath. Use of breathing techniques, meditation, and basic yoga philosophy to connect to the light within.  All levels welcome.

Hatha Vinyasa – 75 minutes
A powerful vinyasa practice.  This class explores longer holds and intermediate postures preparing us for breathing and meditation techniques.  This class dives deep into the connection of our mind, body and True Self.  Prior yoga experience recommended.

Yoga/Pilates Mix – 60 minutes
This class will combine the stretching and strengthening of yoga and pilates fused together to create a dynamic class of movement, balance, and breathing techniques. All levels welcome.

Reiki & Restore Yoga – 60 minutes
This is a gentle yoga class exploring poses that will set our bodies into a restorative state.  Poses are held in place and the power of Reiki energy is applied to promote healing throughout the body. All levels welcome.

Chair Yoga – 60 minute
Chair yoga
is a class all done from the comfort of a chair.  You will enjoy the same benefits of stretching, twisting, and balancing all with the support of the chair.  This is a slower paced class with focus on the healing benefits of the breath.

Chakra Course – 75 minutes
This 9 week course is to balance energy throughout the body. Movement and breath work will be introduced specifically working with one of the seven energy centers throughout the body. Each week you participate you will receive a celebratory bead to show off your accomplishement! Bracelets will be for sale to add your beads to!