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Class Etiquette

relax ~ peace

jane-meditate2If you've not yet taken a class, please follow these tips to help enhance your yoga experience: •    Please arrive a few minutes early to register or sign in.  We strive to begin all classes on time.
•    Enter the yoga space quietly, as there may be other students in class that are meditating prior to class.
•    Please remove your shoes before entering the studio space.
•    Wear comfortable clothes that are not too baggy and do not bind at the waist or knees when you sit down.
•    Avoid wearing heavy scented perfume or lotion as those around you may be sensitive.
•    Do not eat a large meal or drink a lot of liquid before yoga – an empty stomach is most comfortable.
•    Mats and eye pillows are available for you to use (and purchase).
•    If you bring a water bottle, please be sure the top is closeable.
•    If you are pregnant or have physical restrictions or injuries, please let the teacher know before class.
•    If you need to leave class early, please be respectful of the other students in the class by taking a few minutes in Savasana and leaving quietly. Try to grab a spot closest to the exit.
•    Please remember to turn off your cell phone.
•    Relax! HAVE FUN!