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Energy Work

Healing ~ Balance ~ PurposeMassage

energy healing session

An energy healing session can create deep relaxation, help speed healing, reduce pain, help you reconnect to your authentic self and bring a sense of total balance and purpose back into the body, mind and your life.  Jane works with each individual with personal care and mindfulness.  All sessions are different, catering to the specifics needs of what will be most supportive and nurturing.  Jane looks at the whole body, noticing structural balance and imbalance, how you breathe, the way in which energy is flowing through you, and where energetic disconnection has happened to inspire harmony and union for mind, body and spirit.

Jane works with many clients who suffer from anxiety and depression using the science of the breath to rest the central nervous system and reorganize out of fight or flight. Jane’s desire is to give you applicable, tangible tools that you can use on your own to return to balance on a consistent basis.

$75 – One Hour Private Energy Session

$110 – One and 1/2 Hour Private Energy Session

$150 – Two Hour Private Energy Session


Allow extra time for discussion before and after the session.

To schedule a session, contact Jane by email or by phone 616.843.1268. Call or text.